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The Girls Are Raving!

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You’ve honestly helped me with my confidence with makeup and Microshading from day one! You’re always a phone call or text away & I’m so grateful for you, always! Thank you for being so amazing, Courtney 

— Ashley H.

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When I first saw your work, I knew you were the one and only person I wanted to learn from. You truly changed the game in Nashville. I was watching you work for months while I was in esthetic school, even came and got my own brows done. That day changed my life . I cried as soon as I got in the car because one of my biggest insecurities became beautiful all because of you, and from that moment I knew I wanted to effect other women life’s the same way. I was a little nervous starting my own business fresh out of school with no clients but you gave me all the encouragement & knowledge I needed and was there for me anytime , you truly wanted to see me win. Taking your class was one of the best decisions I could of made for myself and my business . Forever grateful for you my brow sis 🤞🏼💞✨ 

— Alisa M.

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I got the pleasure of working with you & it was literally hands down the best. You were so patient with me & literally didn’t mind if you had to show me something over until I grasped it. I love how clear & understanding you were when giving instructions when it came to microshading. I also, got templates from you as well which were very CLEAR, organized & overall caught the eye of my clients. I appreciate you & glad I was able to learn so much. 

— Paisley B.

About Your Instructor

Courtney Lauren, Owner of C. Lauren Cosmetics, is a Master Brow Artist, Educator, Beauty Business Coach, Mentor and a Licensed Esthetician with a Decade Experience in the Beauty Industry. She Started Her Career as a Makeup Artist in 2013, Which Led to Brow Tinting and Semi Permanent Tattooing. She Found Her Passion For Education & Mentorship When She Started Makeup/ PMU Trainings in 2017 Training Over 3500 Students. She Attended Tennessee State University, Earning A Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications: Integrated Marketing. She Is A Marketing Mastermind, With Her Knowledge She Has Scaled Not Only Her Businesses, but Multiple Clients Businesses to 6- Figures.